Water Projects

    More areas than before have new access to water from boreholes, construction of dams, pans or through water trucking systems. It is worth noting that the availability of water/watering points eases tention between the communities in the area as they compete for water for domestic and livestock consumption. Bore hole have sunk in the following places;
  • Athibohol , Hadado, Garse Goftu, Arbahajan ( In 1997 - 2002)
  • Anole, Basir, Lolokuta South, Eldas, Warade, Lakole South, Abdi Wako, Jukala, Dantalai, Kilkiley, Hadado ( 2007- Present)
  • Water Pans ( Tula tula, Dela, Kanjara, Anole).